Weird photographs.

Today morning, I was feeling bored. I had nothing to do. Well, I had homework but who wants to do that? Anyway, I was starting to get cranky. Everyone starts to get cranky after being bored for sometime. Don’t they? Or maybe it’s just me cause I’m weird.

okay, moving on……..

So I was sitting there wondering what to do when BAM! I was hit by a brilliant idea.  I would go and look at all the old photo albums! Okay, so maybe not a brilliant idea but it was either that or eating. I checked the fridge and there was nothing to eat.  I’d been wanting to look at the old albums for a while so that’s what I did.

I dragged my sister with me to look at the pictures. And boy, there were  many. We started with our baby pictures. There were pictures of my sister as a chubby baby, then she was older and there were pictures of her holding cute, cuddly little me. *sigh* so adorable.

And then, I grew up. The cuteness faded away.

Oh, my sister still looked cute. Pretty, as she started growing up. I looked cute, until I was 7. After that, well…. My mum used to let me pick out my own clothes but I can see that was a mistake. In some pictures, I look like a boy, and in others well, I can’t really describe.

Even now, I’m a teenager but I’m not really photogenic. I hate people taking pictures of me because I just end up looking awkward. I try to smile but it comes out looking fake and awkward. And I don’t think people realize how stupid they look when they weird, pouty, duck face pictures of themselves. It is not cool.

Anyway, like my mum says, all of these pictures are memories. And it was a lot of fun looking at these pictures with my sister. We laughed at each other, groaned at embarrassing pictures, sneezed (because of the dust) and generally had fun.

And all of these pictures are memories, however weird they may be. And I wouldn’t change them for anything.



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