How to not be annoying on facebook

I read this somewhere:

Twitter makes me love people I’ve never met while Facebook makes me hate people I’ve known all my life.

This is so true.

Almost everyone is on Facebook nowadays. It’s a great place to share pictures, connect with friends, update statuses, stalk people etc. It’s really great.


There are some people. They post stupid pictures, statuses about what they do every minute of the day and generally annoying everyone.  Here’s my guide on how to not be annoying on Facebook.

  • People who post stupid, pouty, duck faced pictures of themselves holding their phone.

I don’t even have to explain this ,the title says it all. This is just wrong. Maybe you think it makes you look cool? Well, it doesn’t. Repeat, it does not make you look cool. It makes you look funny. So please don’t do it.

  • People who keep posting depressing statuses.

Everyone gets depressed at times. And that’s okay. If you post a sad status, that’s okay too. But when you start posting statuses about how much love sucks and how your life is so depressing  meaningless and you want to die JUST because you broke up with your boyfriend, it gets a teeeeny bit annoying and you should hit your head against a wall    just stop. ( Next week, you’ll have another boyfriend anyway)

  • People who post statuses about what they do every minute of the day.

Some people  keep posting updates about silly things like brushing their teeth, waking up, going to school, NOT going to school, what they ate etc. That’s annoying cause no one really cares what time you went to sleep. So get a life ease up on the status updates.

  • People who like their own statuses

This just shows that your status is so lame and you’re desperate.

  • People who keep sending game requests.

If I didn’t respond to your first game invite it’s because I don’t want to play. SO STOP SENDING ME REQUESTS TO FARMVILLE, CITYVILLE OR ANY OTHER VILLE!

Calm. calm will prevail. *takes deep breaths*

So there. That’s it. The guide to not being annoying on Facebook. Follow this guide and you shall be blessed with peace and happiness forever.



7 thoughts on “How to not be annoying on facebook


    1. uh oh. Did I sound like I was complaining? I promise I wasn’t. I was just listing some things people did on facebook. I go on facebook whenever I get bored. And I get bored a lot so yeah, I’m on facebook a lot.
      Anyway, no harm done right? I hope you liked the post. 🙂

  2. HAHAHAA OMG your post is hilarious and so true! I completely agree with all of this! And yes, I cannot stand people who send me game requests all the time. (i.e. my younger brother who has five facebook accounts just to play galaxy life WITH HIMSELF.

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      My friend used to have lots of facebook accounts just so she could send herself stuff on cityville to complete quests. That makes me sad. But there is still no way I’m playing.

  3. Lol..i love your writing style..:)..made me really laugh…you know how my nose starts vibrating??..yeah..that kind of laugh..i think i kind of humiliated myself in front of your whole blog, btw..whoopsie..

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