Back to school survival guide

Summer’s almost over. Wait, WHAT? Summers over already? I know, I couldn’t believe it either. But that means……..

Its time to go back to school. Oh noes!!


It isn’t so bad, really. School can be fun. You meet your friends, you…uh..learn new things and all. Fun right?

My summer consisted of reading, blogging, sleeping, eating, playing ludo and just being lazy. In other words, it was awesome.

i regret nothing.

But I just realized that schools about to start. In a week. Feeling nervous? Here are some tips to prepare yourself for going back to school:

  • Keep all your things ready so you don’t have to run around searching for them the night before school starts.
  • Its not so bad, you still have all your friends.
  • Think about cute kittens or puppies every morning! I know its weird but its very calming.
OMG so fluuuffffffy
  • Eat chocolate! chocolate is awesome and you don’t really need a reason to eat it.
  • Waste as much time on the internet as possible. Once school starts, you’ll be busy.
  • Sleep. Same reason as above.
  • Play ludo because it is super fun! Here are the rules!

So that’s it! Feel free to follow my tips (even though they’re not that helpful).

Now off I go to beat my sister at ludo!



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