Animal people

The last few days have been really stressful. My cat, Garfield, was sick. Garfield loves to climb on top of cupboards and high places. So one day, he was climbing on top of the cupboard and he slipped and fell down. Ouch. But not only that, a bag, which was on top of the cupboard also fell down. On my cat. It was a small bag but still. Anyway, after the fall, Garfield didn’t seem injured. He shook himself and was fine. But the next morning, when we woke up, we found that one of his back legs was all floppy and he couldn’t seem to walk properly. He was all wobbly and he kept falling down. We were alarmed. We guessed it was due to yesterday’s fall. My mom spread one of her shawls on the sofa and my sister put some of Garfield’s toys on it and let him sleep there.  But in the evening, his leg wasn’t any better. In fact, it looked like it was getting worse. So my dad, my mom and I took Garfield to the vet.

The vet looked at him and said this was actually a neurological problem. This could happen if he had undergone any trauma, like, maybe a fall? So we told the vet about the cupboard incident and he agreed that was probably the cause. He gave Garfield an anti inflammatory shot and told us he should have complete rest for a few days. The vet also told us that the worst case scenario is complete paralysis. If that happens, Garfield will have to undergo surgery but that will cost a ridiculous amount of money. But the vet assured us that chances of that happening is very rare and he thinks Garfield will make a complete recovery. My parents, who were looking worried relaxed at this but I was still in complete freak out mode. I had started freaking out in my mind when I heard the vet say ‘paralysis’. My sweet little kitty, paralyzed? I couldn’t even think about it. I mean, a rational part of me knows I’m over reacting and the vet said chances of that happening is like, almost zero but I can’t help it. What can I say? I guess I’m a worrier. Anyway, now we have Garfield resting on the sofa in the living room. We’ve decided that we’ll never let him climb on top of cupboards ever again. We love our kitty and we don’t want him to get sick again. And I’m happy to report that he is much better. He’s not completely healed but he is much better.

This got me thinking. In our family, all of us love animals. My parents always tell me stories about the pets they had when they were children. We got Garfield when we were going through a hard time in our life. My dad wasn’t happy with his job, my sister was depressed because she had problems at school and with her friends. As a result her grades were low and she used to fight with my mum  a lot. My mum was also worried about her and I felt like I was in the middle. I was just 11 and I couldn’t understand it. Some of their fights were so stupid and they didn’t really need a reason to blow up at each other. I started to become more introverted and quieter and generally spent time alone, reading. I didn’t know how to explain this to my friends because none of them had ever been in a similar situation and they couldn’t understand. So I put on a happy face in front of them and other people in general, when inside I was really sad. Around that time we got Garfield. My parents thought it would be a good idea and my sister and I loved cats. When Garfield came everything was different. The atmosphere was lighter, somehow. He used to make us laugh with his antics. Whenever anyone was sad, he would come cheer them up by sitting next to them and just keeping them company. I like to say he brought us good luck. My dad’s job got better, my mum and sister fought less and talked more and I was happy. I think if Garfield wasn’t around, we would have gone crazy. And when Garfield was sick, we were all pretty worried.  Even my grandma kept calling to ask us how he was because he’s like a member of our family. Some people might think that’s weird. Everyone fussing over a cat! But he’s more than that. Its hard to explain. If you have a pet, you’ll understand.

Recently, I found a cat in the lobby of my building. It was a really sweet cat, with lots of fur. It kept following people around. It got in the lift with people too. It only ate cat food and didn’t make the building messy. It was obviously someone’s cat. Maybe it was abandoned or it got lost? I don’t know. I feed it but I can’t bring it home because we already have a cat. When I think about the number of cats and dogs that are abandoned by their owners, it makes me sad. And angry. How can you just throw out your pet one day? Do you get tired of taking care of it? Then why get a pet at all if you’re just going to throw it out? A pet is a responsibility. You can’t just get tired of it one day. When you get a pet, you have to ask yourself if you can do it. Are you willing to spend money for vet’s bills? What are you going to do with it when you go on a holiday? It can’t be left to fend for itself. Is everyone in your family open to the idea of getting a pet? These are just some things you have to ask yourself. A pet is not a toy you can play with and toss aside when you get bored. Its not an easy task. But once you get a pet your life won’t be the same anymore.

I guess that’s the end of this rant  post.

That’s it for now.


11 thoughts on “Animal people

  1. aww..kiss Garfield’s head for me, please..and just rub him under the ear a few times..and whisper in his ear, “Chrissy wishes that you get well soon!!”..
    and as for you…*hugs you tight and tells you its okay*..:)..
    stay strong, Alice..:)

  2. U knw me.. I’m no really much of an animal lover.. But I love that cat.. It was heart breakin fr me to know he’s not fine.. I think it was the first time I actually got all misty eyed about an animal.. Get well soon Kitty.. Love u.. Honey chilly wing! :* Get well soon!!

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