Bring a little joy to other people.

The past week has been incredibly stressful and busy because I have exams coming up. They start on October 2 and end on 11. I have no time to even think. All those times I procrastinated and days I spent being lazy is catching up with me. Now I am studying day and night because I want to do well. I know, I should have thought about that earlier. But its still not too late! (or that’s what I’m saying to comfort myself.) Anyway, I won’t be posting much until my exams get over.

I’m going to go study now and try not to go crazy. AHHH SOO MUCH TO DO.

Okay. Focus. Deeep breaths. Stay cool.

For today, here’s something I wrote before that I found and wanted to post here.

Bringing joy to into the lives of others.

There is no greater honor than being able to bring joy to other people. Knowing that you’re responsible for the smile on another person’s face is an amazing feeling. Most of us are fortunate enough to have our basic necessities taken care of and desires fulfilled by either our parents or relatives or friends. We do not want for anything.  However many people are not so fortunate. For example, in the gulf countries, there are a lot of construction workers who come from different countries to work. They work all day in the hot sun. They are all alone as their families are probably in their home country. They earn little and most of what they earn, they send back to their families in their country. They keep very little for themselves, only what is required for their basic needs. We can bring joy to the lives of these people by donating food packets, or money to those who need it. Under the Sewa day activities, the students of grades 5- 12 of Our Own English High School, Sharjah, Boys branch donated a kilo of rice to the Sewa Day volunteers who handed over the collected rice to the Red Cross Society unit of Sharjah which will later distribute this to needy people, like these workers. This is a great way to put a smile on the faces of these construction workers and make them happy.

Even seemingly small, insignificant acts of sharing joy can be much bigger than we think. That new girl in your class who hasn’t made that many friends yet? Saying hello to her and asking her how her day was will make her incredibly happy that someone cares enough to greet her and talk to her. Who knows, you might even end up being best friends. The next time, we should go up to our teacher and thank her for teaching and encouraging us because frankly, what would we do without our teachers? Thanking your teacher would make her incredibly happy that her students appreciate all that she is doing for them. Everyone likes to receive compliments. Compliment your mother on that amazing dish she made or your friend about how amazing she looks. All these little things matter.

We have the power to bring joy to other people’s life if we choose and we will be amazed at how much joyous our life becomes when we bring joy into other people’s lives. The world will be a much better and happier place if everyone decides to make each other happy.


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