Blog party and being awesome.

I heard about this blog party that Mike, from The Zebra Clan was hosting. It sounded fun so I decided to join. According to Mike, a blog party is a lot like a normal party, except none of the people invited actually see each other face-to-face and there’s no fruit  punch that may or may not be drugged. A blog party is a lot like the Teens Can Write, Too! blog chain, where everyone must write a post based on a theme. Except unlike TCWT, this theme/prompt has nothing to do with reading or writing (Besides the reading and writing of the posts, themselves), because that would be equivalent to mailing the site’s creators a picture of a giant middle finger. No, the theme of this awesome party is bragging. 

Bragging.  About my awesomeness. How I love doing that.

There are so many reasons why I’m awesome, I don’t even know where to start.  Some of the major reasons for my awesomeness are:

My awesome friends. I have the most coolest friends ever. Sometimes, we just sit down and soak up each others awesomeness. We are all so awesome that we  make other people at school cry because they’re not as awesome as us.

I have a cat. Cats are basically awesome creatures and having a pet cat automatically makes you awesome. I have a cat who is the most adorable, fattest, laziest, awesomest cat ever. Therefore, I am awesome.

My procrastination. I can lay on my bed for hours just listening to music and doing nothing even if I have lots of homework for the next day. I can put off things for days, weeks, even months. How many of you can do that?? Not many. The International  Union for Procrastinators has voted me their president. I’m planning on writing an acceptance speech soon. Tomorrow. Next week.

Anyway, this makes me better than you.

I make awesome words. I frequently make up awesome words or awesome ways of saying words. Time and again, I have made people speechless with the awesome words I make/say.

I am just generally awesome and there is no reason or explanation for it. Everyone who knows me or reads my blog knows how awesome I am. Its like, a fact of life. The sky is blue, the grass is green, I am awesome. Accept it. Embrace it.

Blog party. I’m awesome because I attended this ‘totally cool blog party’ and you didn’t. BUHAAHAAA.

I can go on and on but I’m going to stop because I’ve already established that I’m awesome and I’m a nice person so I don’t want to make anyone cry. Its hard work being so awesome. But I have to do it, for the people. I need to guide them with my awesomeness. Come. Bask in the rays of my awesomeness.

P.S Don’t forget that I’m awesome!!

Here’s a link to the other blogs attending the party.


8 thoughts on “Blog party and being awesome.

  1. Thanks for participating! Isn’t it great to be so much more awesome than everyone else? It sometimes gets annoying though, because then less awesome people try to hang out with you as if they are worthy of your time.

  2. lol…so..i need to like give reasons why you’re awesome??…okay…simple…you’re friends with me!…That’s reason enough..:P…
    also, I have a theorem called Alice-Awesomeness Theory to prove it…*rofl*..

    Okay, key:
    You=Y, Happiness=H, Awesomeness=A, Super-Hyper Lunacy=L

    Now, Proof:
    Y + H = L ——Equation(1)
    A + H = L ——Equation(2)

    Therefore, from equations 1 and 2,
    Y + H = A + H ( since both equal to L)

    Therefore, Y = A + H – H
    = Y = A

    Hence, You = Awesome
    Theoretically proved!!

    (lol..yep…i admit…it kind of turned out dumb..*shrug*…)

    1. Wow. Another thing to add to the list of reasons why I’m awesome.
      Now i’ll tell you why you’re awesome.
      1. You’re friends with me. I am one of the most awesomest person alive. So, automatically, you’re awesome too.
      2. You’re you. And christina= aweosome
      3. You’re funny. Funny people are awesome.
      5. Skyflakes.
      6. You love Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon is awesome and therefore, you are awesome.
      7. THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!! we both love the hunger games so we are awesome.
      8. cats.
      9. You write awesome poems. Only awesome people can write awesome poems.
      10. You’re awesome cuz you’re reading this blog.
      I could go on and on but I’m stopping here. 🙂 enjoy being awesome!!

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