The different stages of being a teenager.

My exams are over! Finally. It feels so good to be able to do whatever I want without worrying about having to study. Well, at least for a few days. Anyway, my birthday is coming up. In fact, its this Sunday. EEEEEEE!!! *excited clapping* In honor of turning 15, I’m writing a post about the different stages of being a teenager. Each year of being a teenager is different. And special. And funny.


  • When you turn 13 years old- OMG I’m finally a teenager!!! This age mainly includes trying to act cool and teenagery. It also involves telling everyone you meet that you’re a teenager. “I turned thirteen last week. ThirTEEN.” Sometimes you may also be filled with a desire to take pictures of yourself with your phone in the bathroom and post them on Facebook. Personally, I have never done this, but I know people who have. And are still doing it now even though they’re no longer 13. But whatever, each to his own.
  • 14 years– Disdain. “oh man, those thirteen year old’s are so lame. They think they’re so cool. They don’t even know what its like to be a teenager. In fact, they’re not really teenagers. WE are teenagers. WE know what its like. Let’s just sit here and look at them with disdain.” I admit,I have had this thought whenever I see puny 13 year-old’s running around in malls, acting cool.
  • 15 years- This is the coolest age because i’m turning 15  because well, you’re 15 and you’ve survived two years of being a teen. You’ve got things figured out and life is cool. Although I am told that being 15 also comes with an urge to write really depressing statuses on Facebook. Everyone goes through that stage, its inevitable. Well, I don’t really feel depressed right now but then again, I’m not 15 yet. Maybe on Sunday or Monday or Tuesday I might decide to post depressing statuses on Facebook. Watch out, people!!
  • 16 years- AHH OH MY GOD!!! Sweet sixteen!!! THE PINNACLE OF  TEENAGEHOOD!!! Time to PARTAYYY!!
  • 17 years– Wow, 17!! You’ve survived so long. Mainly, this age is spent by waiting to turn 18.
  • 18 years- “I’m an adult, finally!”  Now you can do adult things Oh and, school’s over!! Forever! 🙂 But now you have to go to college. But college is supposed to be fun right? Right?
  • 19 years– Wow, this is awkward. You’re not really a teenager anymore but you’re not 20 yet. Awkwardness.

And those are the different stages of being a teenager. Which stage are you in right now?? Or have you passed all the stages? Comment and let me know!!


9 thoughts on “The different stages of being a teenager.

  1. lol…the 13-year-old people…..I see ’em and go like “bah….kiddos!!”…XD…
    btw…*hugs you*….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!…. in advance….:D….I’m the first one to wish, right?..:D…

    1. ahh yes. I agree!! 🙂 sometimes I want to grow up, other times I don’t want to because its hard work being an adult. Responsibilities and stuff. Psshh. I’d rather stay a kid.

  2. Haha that is so true about the 13-years-old thing. It’s funny because when you’re 13 all it takes to be a teenager is the “teen” on the end of your name; when you’re 14, suddenly you’re not a “real teenager” until you get to being 14. It’s bizarre. I remember being little and thinking teenage-ness was the coolest thing ever and teenagers were the most amazing people. Then you get to 17 and you think “well, I don’t feel as cool as a teenager”. Also, on a side note, I went to Build-a-Bear for my 15th birthday. Some people just never grow up.

    1. Thanks for reading! 🙂
      I’m a big baby as well because I’m almost sixteen and I still have my old barbie’s because I won’t let my mom give them away to any of my little cousins.

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