Confessions of a teenager who hates sports.

I don’t like sports. There, I’ve said it. I don’t like running, I cringe at the sight of a basketball and I spend most PE periods trying to get excused from playing something. I know playing a sport  keeps you healthy. But still. I’m not an athletic person. I’m thin, wimpy and hate sunlight. That’s because I’m a vampire.

Ha Ha. Just kidding. I’m not a vampire.

Well, maybe I am. You’ll never find out! *evil laugh* Although vampires are supposed to be super strong and stuff. I am weak and delicate. So I am probably not a vampire.

Moving on.

I think my aversion towards sport started when I was a child. It all started one day when I was playing with my friends in the park, back when I didn’t mind running around and exerting myself. I was tired of playing and was sitting down on the grass to drink some water when suddenly…. BAM!!! This football flew out of nowhere and hit my face. These kids where playing football and they kicked it a bit too hard. Luckily, I didn’t break my nose but the I spilled the water all over me and my glasses were smashed. Ever since, I’ve been afraid of footballs and basketballs and any other sport that involves throwing balls. I’m so afraid it will come and hit my face.  Its not funny, I still haven’t completely recovered from that incident. So now everybody knows why I hate basketball and football and throw ball and dodge ball. And my friends know why I try to hide behind them when I see people playing basketball.

Yesterday there were selections for sports day. There were races, shot put and javelin. If I participate in a race, I’ll probably be last. Nobody wants to be that last person who is huffing and puffing to reach the finish line while everyone else has already finished. I don’t think I can lift the shot put and I don’t even know what javelin throw really is. So I think all that is out for me. I’ll just sit by sidelines, cheering for everyone.

I’m just really jealous of people who are athletic and play basketball or football or any other sport. They just make it look so easy. When I try to do it, I look like I’m in pain. I’m usually in pain if I’m playing a sport. Its just so embarrassing to be all weak and not good at sports. But the time has passed and there is no hope for me. I don’t think I’ll ever be good at sports. But fear not, people who are like me. We are awesome in many other ways and that makes up for not being good at sports.


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a teenager who hates sports.

  1. Hey…come closer…I’ll share a secret…*whispers in your ear*….I’m scared of basketballs too!…hush!!…don’t tell anyone!!
    When I read the part about finishing last, I was just like “OHHHHHH!! I SO KNOW THAT FEELING!”….XD…

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