Just another random post

Oh my. This has been a long, long, long week. There is no time to even breathe.

Our school had the preliminary round of  ‘Recycle Runway’ fashion show yesterday. Its a different kind of a show. Students from grade 9, 10 and 11 can design and make their own dresses and bags from recycled or waste materials. The best twenty dresses and bags will be selected for the next round. Its all about making fashion out of waste. Last time, I didn’t participate but this time, my friends and I decided to do it. We designed a dress (mainly my friends awesome design) out of painted shells, purple chocolate wrappers and old Cd’s. After we finished, the dress looked AMAZING. We made our bag using and old boot. An ankle length boot actually. It didn’t quite come out like we intended but it was still a nice clutch/purse. Somehow, I ended up as the model. (I have no idea how or why I agreed to do it but I did. And I was an awesome model.) Anyhow, the show was yesterday. Everything went great. I walked the ramp in my heels without falling, a BIG achievement for someone who doesn’t wear heels often. In fact, who NEVER wears heels. I’m all about being comfortable. Actually, compared to other people’s heels, mine were nothing. They had like, heels higher that my index finger. We don’t know the results of the show yet. But I’m just happy we participated because it was a lot of fun. Of course, there were moments when we had designed the dress, but had no idea how to make it. We had actually considered backing out. But we didn’t and I’m glad we participated. It was an experience.

Yesterday was a fun day and today was awful. I got yelled at by my teacher for…..something, which I don’t want to elaborate. Anyway, she said a lot of things which were mean and I’m really sad and depressed because of that. I admit I had done wrong but the fault wasn’t completely mine. Both of us were at fault. I just feel really bad about it now. I apologized to the teacher but still. All of that is just heavy on my mind. I’m also doing nanowrimo this year and I’m really behind on my word count.

So off I go to drown my sorrows in writing and pictures of Damon Salvatore.


5 thoughts on “Just another random post

  1. about yesterday….I have one sentence – BEST FRIGGING DAY OUT OF MY WHOLE 15 YEARS OF LIFE!!!!!!!!!!…:D

    about today….awww..*hugs you tight*…it’s gonna be okay!…*hugs tighter*….you see… we need to feel pity on her…she’s just really really frustrated and can’t believe that most of it is her own fault….so, since she’s a weakling…and a really really GINORMOUS coward, she’s blaming it all on you…understood?…see, it’s almost like the behavior shown by a puffer fish…when it gets scared, it blows itself up into more than twice its size and hence scares away its predators!…’kay??…don’t worry, MEGA best friend!!…it’s all fine!!..*hug*

    1. Yesterday was awesome right?? 😀
      *hugs you back* thank you for making me feel better 🙂 Ma’am must also have got into a lot of trouble because of us and so she’s angry. I understand that now. I mean, we did make a mistake after all. Any way I feel muuuuuuuch better now 😀 *hug* mega best friend 🙂
      Puffer fish lol 😀

      1. *hugs back even more tighter*…yup..we’ll call her puffer fish, from now on..’kay?..not Gravy..XD…

      2. yeah…umm..she’s just like “i dont know…i dont think so”….soo, i guess it’s a no..:(

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