Crazy weird earrings

*The idea for this awesome post comes from my mega BFF Christina!!! Even after I saw the ’69’ earrings, I was just all “haha gross” but she told me to blog about it. So thank you Christina for giving me this idea!!!!! Check out her poems here.

Today, at school I saw this girl who was wearing earrings which had ’69’ written on them. Seriously. This is what they looked like.

Okay, so that got me thinking about weird earrings. I love wearing weird and funky earrings. I have a lot of really weird ones. Nothing disgusting like the ’69’ ones. Just  really cool ones.

These are my facebook earrings. I love Facebook so I got them!!! No, they just looked cool.

facebook earrings

These are my horse earrings. I think they look very pretty. Wild horses! running! free! the wind! These are actual thoughts that ran through my mind when I saw them.


This is my elephant earrings. One earring looks like the face of an elephant while the other is the butt. Classy, isn’t it??

elephant earrings

The bright green star earrings. I never wear them, I don’t why I bought them. But I like them. Therefore, your argument is invalid.

star earrings

My egg earrings! Eggs are being fried on a pan.


A bright pink smiley for when I feel happy. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Crazy weird earrings

  1. lol…sorry..i saw it only today…*rofl*….All those earrings…EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM…is soooooooooooooo cool!!…:)…and…i suggest you wear them to school…seriously, soooo pretty!!…and the pink smileys..:D…i’ve seen them…and they look absolutely so much more CUTER in real…:D…..
    lol…:)…really cool post, this one…*thumbs up*…

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