Breaking dawn part 2- review

*Beware- this review contains spoilers.

I went to see breaking dawn part 2 with my friends today. I’m in a weird position because although I like twilight, I’m not such a hardcore fan, like some of my friends. But I have seen all the movies and read the books and don’t completely hate it so I decided to go. And I have to admit, I will be raving about this movie for a few days. My review is split up into three parts- the good, the bad and the funny.

Here’s what you need to know: Bella has given birth to the half-vampire/half-mortal wonderkid , Renesmee, and has just recovered from Edward’s life-changing bite. Jacob and Edward have joined forces, or at least stopped fighting. Jacob imprints on Renesmee (It’s a wolf thing) Aro and the rest of the volturi are convinced that Renesmee is an immrotal child. Immortal children are a threat to vampires because they’re too young to control themselve and keep the secret about vampires. So the volturi are coming to kill Renesmee. After the birth of Renesmee, the Cullens gather other vampire clans in order to protect the child from a false allegation.


There’s a lot of nat-geo style close ups of flora and fauna in the beginning that looks really cool. The movie starts off with Bella opening her red eyes. Then she goes through the ‘look at me- I’m a vampire- I can’t believe it- let me look at my hands’ phase. Then we see Edward. *cue screaming* And we get our first look at Bella as a vampire.

Damn, she’s pretty. She does look good as a vampire. Very vampirey. Or is that vampirish?

I told you she stares at her hand a lot. Not both hands. Just that one hand.

Getting to see all the other vampires from other parts of the world was so cool. And all of their powers? Wow. I especially liked the vampires from Amazon and the denali clan. SO badass. This makes me wish I was a vampire.

In the beginning, Bella doesn’t know that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. So when she finds out, she totally freaks out. And uses her newborn vampire strength to throw Jacob around. No seriously, she literally throws him here and there and screams at him. Awesome.

The volturi. I don’t even…I mean….Just look at them in their black cloaks and red eyes, walking together. AWESOMENESS.

the volturi
Aro is creepy

Okay, here comes the spoiler. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, but is going to, then maybe you should skip the next part. Its about the surprise ending.

In the trailer, there are clips of the scene of the final showdown between the volturi and the Cullens. But those who’ve read the book know this doesn’t happen. Anyway, in the movie, the battle starts. All of us are on the edge of our seats. ANd then suddenly, one of the volturi rip off Carlisle’s head. Carlsile. Our Carlisle. Everyone is squealing, gasping. Before we can recover, another vampire rips off Jasper’s head. That was crazy. You could literally hear my heart breaking into pieces. Alice and Jasper are so perfect for each other! Jasper can’t die. My friends are whimpering next to me. I’m ready to break down too when suddenly Jane one of the volturi also gets killed. JUSTICE!!!! Caius is also killed and some of the others as well. Finally, the main leader of the Volturi, Aro’s head is ripped off. At that moment, Esme, one of our beloved vampires is also killed. Our poor hearts can’t take anymore….. suddenly, it all stops. And we discover that the battle is just a VISION that Alice showed Aro, the leader of the volturi. It was what WOULD HAVE HAPPENED if Aro had decided to go ahead and kill Renesmee. Oh My God. You cannot imagine the state we were in. Relief mixed with astonishment and happiness. I had a stupid grin on my face. Jasper is alive! So is everyone else! YAY. Happy ending. As always. But seriously, that was really good because it wasn’t expected. At all. We were flabbergasted, shocked, astonished, and a million other things at once.


Mackenzie Foy does a great job as Renesmee. But you just don’t feel a connection between her and Bella. Bella’s supposed to be her mom and all, but I don’t know. It just seems really fake. Like Kristen Stewart is just doing what her script says. I mean, yeah, that is what she’s doing but it shouldn’t feel like that. It shouldn’t look like she’s doing it just because she has to. It should be natural and believable. But it’s not. That being said, Mackenzie Foy is really cute.

Renesmee Cullen

The Jacob imprinting part is really weird. When I told my mom, she did a double take. I tried to explain it to her, but I didn’t really understand it myself either. Even though I read the books. I mean, even though she grows unnaturally fast, Jacob is so much older than her.  Talk about robbing the cradle. Maybe when she becomes older, it’ll be better. Right?

explains how I feel.


Sparkling vampires. God, this just makes me laugh so much. Vampires are not supposed to sparkle in the sunlight. But they do. And this time Bella sparkles as well. There’s a scene in which she just sparkles. I laughed so hard at this.

Sigh. I couldn’t find a sparkly picture. You’ll just have to watch the movie, i guess.

The arm wrestling match between Bella and Emmett was funny. HAHAAHA. You show him, Bella!

Jacob bares his body and soul in this movie- prepare to hear screams when this happens. The first time it was hot but then later, I just started laughing. I don’t know why. I’m weird.


All in all, I think this is a cool movie. The vampires from different clans, the fight scene, Renesmee, sparkly Bella, Badass volturi, werewolves. All you haters out there, this is not such a bad movie. Sure, some parts are really sappy but overall its a cool movie. Would I watch it again? ABSOLUTELY.


4.5/5 stars.


3 thoughts on “Breaking dawn part 2- review

  1. W should go together and watch it again!!…:D…well, what do i say….AWESOMEST AWESOMEST POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…:D…i was just smiling through every single word on this one…’cause i LOVE twilight… really don’t mind listening to its criticism, since, as you said…im also not such a HARDCORE…and the Jasper part…im so glad im alive, Alice..:)..;)..:P…lol..
    OH!…AND BTW…COULD YOU WRITE A POST ON DIVERGENT????????????…sorry, that book is just stuck in my head..and refuses to go don’t know why…even The Host didn’t have this much effect on me..:(..

    1. Why, thank you!! you know I love twilight, no matter what I say 🙂 everyone loves twilight. but they don’t want to admit it. 😀
      I KNOW DIVERGENT IS SO AWESOME!!! 🙂 🙂 i want to write about it but i don’t know what to say….

      1. mmm..:(…okay..just wait till something hits you…:)…or may be you could do like a comparison between the life you lead and the world in which Tris lives or something…*shrug*..

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