Ooooh toys!!!!

I found my old barbie.


Ahhh. Memories are coming back. I used to have so many barbies. Oh wow. Those days were fun.

Let’s go back a little bit. When I was little, I used to have so many toys. When I was a baby, I had lots of soft, plushie toys that I would just chew. Then, I grew up into the stage where I used to play with tea sets and doctor sets. My sister and I used to have endless tea parties. And when my cousins came, well, Oh My God. SUPER FUN!!!! We used to make up so many games. We used to play at house, Doctor Doctor, Teacher etc. Although whenever we played Doctor Doctor, my eldest cousin would be the doctor, the next oldest the head nurse, my sister the other nurse. I would always be the patient, since I was youngest. Oh and hide and seek? Oh Wow. Hide and seek is the funnest game ever, especially when you’re playing it with your cousins. When I was really little, I would hide with my sister or my cousins because I didn’t know how to hide. When I got a bit older, I used to hide on my own. Even then, I would be found first because I would accidently giggle, giving away my hiding place. But running around my grandparents big house in India, hiding behind the sofa or in the enormous kitchen, is so much fun.

Then I had my artistic stage, where I would paint, draw, color. I used to finish big, fat coloring books in days. I also loved playing with clay. My sister and I would make so many weird things from clay. We had so many different colors too. When we got tired of playing with it, we would mix all the different colored clay together into one big grey ball. Sigh. Fun times.

When I was in third grade or fourth grade, barbie’s were the rage. I used to rush back home from school, get all my barbie’s along with their shoes and other things and run to play with my friends. Someone would bring an old cardboard box and that would be our barbie’s house. Everyone used to have four or five barbie’s or more. Our barbie’s would live in the box as a family. We used to take such good care of our barbie’s. We would wash their hair, make new clothes for them. Earlier, my barbie’s used to be disgusting. I used to cut their hair, give them tattoos, put makeup. Most of them would be missing shoes or even clothes. One time, I wanted a guy barbie but I didn’t have one so I completely cut off the hair of one of my girl barbies to make her a guy. But after seeing my friends barbies I started taking better care of them. I used to have a doll house which I absolutely loved. I mean, who doesn’t love doll houses? They’re just hours and hours of pure fun.

So yeah, those days were fun. Sadly, most of my old toys have been thrown away because they were broken or given to someone else. So all I have left is that barbie in the picture I put up there and stuffed animals. Oh well. Never mind, I’ll just go find some random little kid and start playing with them. I just hope they don’t get creeped out. I can’t help it, I’m still a little kid. I just happen to look like a teenager.




3 thoughts on “Ooooh toys!!!!

  1. lol…:)…I still have a doll house, though..most of it’s furniture and all it’s dolls are missing..but i have the house…and, i’ve got lots of little cubicle-like things in my headrest, so, one of them is occupied by my doll house…wait..i’ll give you a total description..there are two periods..the first period has three columns, hence three cubicles…the bottom period has two columns, hence two cubicles…..the top extreme left cubicle has my fashion designing file, personal diaries, autograph book and poetry files and papers all stacked up…the top middle one has my easter egg, little glass structures.(two dolphins, when switched on, they rotate, with colored light being emitted along with an instrumental music piece)…two reeeeeeeeealy tiny earthen pots…rrrrrrrrrreealy tiny…really cute ones…a radiant rosary( it’s soooo awesome when you turn out the lights) and a glass statue of Jesus…and a colored statue of mother mary and jesus as a baby…:)…
    then, the top extreme right cubicle has my doll house and well, only that.:)…:)…
    then the second period, the extreme left one has my current purple colored personal diary, with our friendship band, my echo sound chamber, and a red box with some paper chits which i remove an read when i feel sad (they contain memories which make me happy no matter what)…:).and my Mp3..:D..
    .then the extreme right cubicle..this one is kind of crowded..i first have my cat..:) sits in this basket…it’s been mine since third grade or something..and looks newer every day..:)…then, on the basket i sometimes keep my purple-ink uniball obsessed with purple..XD…and then, i have a ball filled with water which has different colored beads in doesn’t sound really interesting, but looks WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW…then, next to the cat are my notebooks and notes papers and file and print outs and research works and every single crappy thing related to my story…lol..XD…soo..yeah..:)..that’s it, i guess..sorry for the loooong comment..XD

    1. That sounds so cool…I want to see it!!!!!! And your story is NOT CRAPPY. So stop saying that.
      I love purple too!!! and the friendship bracelet 🙂
      oh, and ECHO SOUND CHAMBER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH
      my mom gave away my doll house to someone.*sobs* but i have my barbie, so…

      1. :(…*hugs you and tries to comfort you*…im good only at virtual told you..i feel weird hugging in real..:$

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