Random facts about me.

Today, I decided to do a post with random, weird facts about me. Because I’m awesome and I know you’re dying to know more about me. Right? Right?

Okay. Even if you don’t want to, I’m going to tell you anyway. And since you’re already here, you might as well read the full thing.

  1. I love chocolate. I know everyone loves chocolate, but I love it more than an average person.
  2. I can’t sleep without a cuddly toy to hug.
  3. Divergent is my current favorite book. I finished Insurgent and cannot wait for the third book.
  4. I have a pet cat whom I love to bits. I love all cats.
  5. I hate math. Bleh. I don’t think anyone actually likes it.
  6. My family is awesome.
  7. My new favorite word is shmurr.
  8. I have a tendency to blurt out things without thinking.
  9. I daydream a lot.
  10. I do not believe the world will end on December 21. But if it does, then I want to do crazy things before I die. Like doing the gangnam stye in the middle of the mall.
  11. I am very lazy. There, I admit it.
  12. I am slightly crazy, as you may already know.
  13. I have an awesome best friend called Christina who is also slightly crazy like me. But together, WE WILL RULE THE WORLD. *evil laugh* And someday, I’m going to make her write something for this blog. So you can know how awesome she is.
  14. I love pizza. Om nom nom.
  15. I love sleeping.
  16. I’m not sporty. In fact, I hate sports. When I was little, a basketball hit me on the face and ever since, I’ve been afraid of basketballs, footballs etc.
  17. I like even numbers. Weird, I know.
  18. I hate people who talk during movies.
  19. My favorite colors are purple, black and silver.
  20. Someday, I want to become a famous author.

So there you go. 20 facts about me. I could write more but I’ll save that for another time.

Please comment and tell me your thoughts because that would make me very happy. So go ahead, comment…..pleasee??? *smiles hopefully*


3 thoughts on “Random facts about me.

  1. well..what do i say…we’re soooo damn similar!!…I’ll tell you..Numbers:1,3,5,6.7.8,9,10,11,,18,19,20!!!!!!….same pinch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..oh man, that even-number thing..i thought i was the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…and make me write a post??…whoa…careful!!..im not as awesome as you are!!!!!!!….
    but all in all…AWESOMEST RANDOM POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. sure!!!!!!..my pleasure!!..:D..im honored!…:)..:D..:D..*jumps up and down like a crazy chimpanzee*…XD

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