Its 2013- almost.

And yet another year is coming to an end. Time flies by so quickly, doesn’t it?? Looking back, my year has been pretty good. I’ve had highs and lows, just like everybody else. But I want to remember the positive things. So, without further ado, here is my list of awesome things that happened this year.


  1. Tenth grade. Tenth grade happened in 2012 and it was fun, and filled with awesome people.
  2. Christina Tom. My BFF, fellow cake lover, soul sister, book nerd, writing buddy. We had another awesome year filled with fun and a few maaam brushes. May we continue to be awesome.
  3. Divergent. I read Divergent in 2012 and OMG. Best book ever.
  4. The Vampire Diaries. Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries!!!!
  5. Release of ‘closer’ the new single from Tegan and Sara’s soon to be released album.
  6. My hair grew longer!!!
  7. I actually seriously started writing my story.
  8. I learnt how to make cupcakes.
  9. Breaking dawn part 2 released.
  10. I became more awesome.
  11. I started a blog.
  12. I post regularly. (well, almost)
  13. I participated in nanowrimo.
  14. I don’t really mind that I didn’t win.
  15. I started playing the sims freeplay which is awesome.
  16. The world didn’t end on december 21. Although it would have been fun if it did.

And there are loads of other things but I don’t have time to list them all. But you should comment and tell me what is the best thing that happened to you this year??

This is officially my last post……………………of 2012. Hah. Scared you didn’t I? No? Oh. Okay, lets move on.

So I will meet you again in 2013 ( If we survive. Hee hee.) with more awesome posts about awesome things. To all the subscribers and people who comment (Mainly Christina) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I feel so so so happy whenever I get a comment. Think of all the positive things that happened in your year and make resolutions for next year as well. Keep smiling!

See you next year!



One thought on “Its 2013- almost.

  1. HEY!…*attack hugs you like a boss*…<3…soul sister!..mega best friend!…CHRIS-TRIS!!!!!!!!…<3…LOOOOOOOVE THIS POST!!!…<3…made me smile..<3…smiling so hard, my cheeks hurt…XD…love you..ummmwah…:*…
    oh and maam brushes…XD…how can we ever forget MAAAAAAAAAAAM brushes!!!!!!….XD..

    my list:
    1. I FOUND YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…<3 ❤ ❤
    2. I got over the depressed phase…i've begun socialising…:)..and i've begun to care about what i look like and stuff..:)…i've gotten over most of my negatives…and, one of my biggest achievements, i feel, is that no matter how torn or bleeding my heart is, i've learnt to smile…i am always smiling through sorrows..:)…
    3. DIVERGENT!!!!!!!!!!. INSURGENT!!!!!….<3…waiting for TBH!!
    4. looking up ian somberhalder posts, and posting them on your wall…just to see you go craaaaaaaaaaay…<3…love the hyper fan-gurl side of yours…<3
    5. TEGAN AND SARA!!!!!!!…I DISCOVERED THEM!!!!!!!!!!…THEY'VE BEATEN CHER LLOYD!..:)…< new idols..:)..
    6. my hair grew longer…and i cut it..XD
    7. I was kind of seriously writing my story till september…i will write properly in 2013…(right now it's on a kind of a stand still or something..:(..)
    8. the discovery of the MAAAAAAAAAAAAMS…..(.)(.)……XD..:P
    9. why can't you cross your legs?
    because you'll CRUSH your __________________…XDDDDDD
    10. MY FIRST COVER!!…(the lullaby…remember??)

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