A new post…..Finally!

I’ve been really busy lately, because of my exams which start soon. I don’t know about you but I’m really lazy so I don’t really study during the semester. I allow myself to be distracted by the internet and somehow manage to pass during tests. And then a week before the final exams, I’m struck by the realization that I haven’t studied anything and will probably fail if I don’t do something. For those of you who have experienced this, you will know how it feels, that crushing moment  when all those nights of wasting your time on Facebook instead of doing your homework finally catches up with you. It’s like having a heart attack, except its not really a heart attack. Then you panic and start studying while trying not to sob dismally.

I had my ‘moment of realization’ last week and it wasn’t pretty. This is how it went.

ME: lalalalalala nothing to do, just having fun. 🙂

MOM: Your exams start next week right.

ME: Noo, they start on the 31 Jan.

MOM: Yeah, that’s next week. Today’s 20.

ME: No it’s not.

MOM: Uh…Yeah it is.

ME: No today’s not 20. *checks phone* OMG it is. OMG. *freaks out* *curls up in a corner and starts sobbing*

MOM: *sigh* Here we go again.

Then I ran off to study. I stayed up all night studying, studied the whole weekend, studied today. There were tears, panic attacks, general cries of ‘WHY? WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME?’ all while studying. And mom, when you ask me how many times I’ve finished revising, it only freaks me out because I’m learning all this FOR THE FIRST TIME.

But anyway, now the situation is under control, you don’t have to worry.

But I wonder why I do this to myself. This happens every single year. Every time, I promise that I’ll start studying earlier, I won’t pile up my work but I ending up doing the opposite.

Wow. I was going to write about something else. This was just an introduction-sort-of thing to tell why I didn’t post last week but…umm….it turned into a post so yeah. I feel awkward now. *rummages in shelf* I seem to have run out of my anti-awkwardness spray. Its this thing I have for awkward situations like this. I just spray it and the awkwardness disappears. But I don’t have it now so yeah…..I feel weird.

Great, another rant like post where I complain and then feel awkward at the end. But this will have to do because I can’t remember what I was going to write about first. I will have better posts up soon so keep reading! Don’t forget to leave a comment!



3 thoughts on “A new post…..Finally!

  1. I’m soooo proud of you..:)…but me…i really don’t know what’s up with me..im still playing around..im really tensed, but the second i take the book, i can’t even make myself study!!…:(…HELP!

    1. That was my problem….but now I’m serious. But there’s no time left 😦
      You don’t feel like studying? think of this *deep breath* – these exams are very important and practically decide your future. If you don’t get good marks, you won’t be able to take science next year and you can’t fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor and then you’ll be sad and depressed for the rest of your life and you’ll keep regretting and you’ll wish that you had studied harder and been more serious but now its too late and there’s nothing you can do but cry.
      GO STUDY.
      Did that lecture help? 🙂

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