Types of kids at school.

There are lot of different types of kids in school. There are popular kids, know-it-alls, wannabe’s, and so many other types. Today I thought I’d make a post about some the different types of kids in my school, since I cannot think of anything else to write about. Okay, so lets start!

  1. The Questioner- Every class has a questioner. The questioner is a kid who just cannot stop asking questions. All through the class, this person will have their hand up, asking questions. Yeah, it’s great that you’re attentive and asking questions because it shows you’re interested in class and all that. But when you don’t allow anyone else to ask a question and the teacher can’t even complete one sentence without you interrupting her (“ma’am, I have a doubt”, “Can you please explain that bit again”, “But why is it like that? I don’t understand”) it gets a teensy bit annoying. This people are actually nice outside of class. It’s just inside class that their annoying.
  2. Popular kids-  They think they’re oh-so-awesome and so cool even though actually, they’re not. But nobody is brave enough to tell them so. Because, admit it, secretly, all of us want to be popular.
  3. The depressed, ’emo’ kids- They’re always crying because they just went through ‘a really bad break up’ or they’re complaining about how ‘nobody understands them’. Either way, nobody wants to be around them because they’re so depressing. Spend more than a minute with them and you’ll probably be crying about how “life is so miserable and I’m all alooooonnnne”
  4. The brainiacs- They score full on every test, teachers love them, parents love them, they love themselves. They also love flaunting their braininess. Okay, I get it, you’re intelligent, we’re stupid, no go away. You may get a hundred on your math test but I’m always going to be better than you at English. HA HA
  5. The Gossip Monger- This is the person who goes “Hey! did you hear about so and so’s break up?” You’ll get all the fresh, juicy news about people at school which may or may not be true. But beware, always stay on the good side of this person or you may find some unpleasant rumors about you floating around.

And that’s it folks! There are so many more types of people at school but these are just a select few. All these different people help to make school what it is. Which one are you?


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