Nobody likes me maybe if I cry

No, this is not another self deprecating post. I didn’t really know what to write about so I pressed the ‘inspire me’ button on wordpress and this is what I got:

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

‘Nobody likes me, maybe if I cry” -Tegan Quin from ‘The Con’

I love listening to The Con. I mean, Heartthrob is awesome but The Con will remain my favorite. So I chose this line. No, this is not depressing. This is not another emo song so stop judging. The surface meaning, the one which immediately pops into your head is “okay, so the singer is saying nobody likes her so she’s going to cry.” I feel like this means so much more. I feel like this line represents that feeling when you do something wrong, but you don’t want to accept your mistake. Especially when it’s something you didn’t do on purpose. You know people are going to blame you and you’re tired of that, of being blamed. So you cry or something, just so people will feel sorry for you. So that you can put off taking the blame, at least for sometime. We all want sympathy. I know I’m like this because once when I was little, I got angry with my sister for something and pushed her. She stumbled, accidentally hit her hand on a shelf or something nearby and got hurt. Naturally, she got angry, started crying and ran to tell my mom. I immediately started crying too. Why? Because I knew my mom would yell at me and I didn’t mean to push her and I didn’t want to be yelled at. This is just a really small, stupid example but it conveys the meaning. We’ve all done this at one point. Because who doesn’t like a bit of sympathy? We do something wrong, we cry so that people will comfort us.

Honestly, I feel like this line has so many ways of being interpreted and it’s so interesting to hear what different people think about it. I feel like this song has so many hidden meanings and metaphors and I can spend hours just sitting around and making up different meanings for this. I know I’m crazy.  That’s why I love Tegan and Sara, all of their songs are like this. They seem straightforward but they’re full of different meanings and different people infer it in different ways. Kind of like poetry. The Con is just….perfect. Every line in the song represents how I felt at one point. Which is why I’ll love this song forever.


3 thoughts on “Nobody likes me maybe if I cry

  1. *sigh*…The Con represents every single thing I went through…EVERY SINGLE LINE IS JUST SOOOOOOOOO – “OMG I CAN RELATE TO THAT!!..’CAUSE THAT FRIGGING HAPPENED TO ME!!!”
    and yup, the only lines which do not describe what I feel right now is this part – I’m coming home…I’m coming around
    ’cause FYI, you-know-who…if you are reading this, im not coming back… done with all the crap you made me go through…im done with doing everything i could, and giving you all i had…i gave you my heart and soul..what did you do??…threw it away..burnt it in the fireplace… know what??..I’m just gonna walk away…im gonna take care of myself from now on…’cause nope, NOOOOPE…im not worthless, ugly or any of the other things you told me i was…im a living, breathing miracle…and i just realized that i have soooo many people to live for…they care about me…they love me…UNCONDITIONALLY…the way i loved you…the way you never loved me back…

    umm… rant is over..i dont even know if this will reach him..but, felt good, venting it all out…*sigh* done crying..seriously..i’ve cried enough for a whole lifetime…and im done being sad…and you know what??..i kind of accept that it was ALL my irresponsibility…i wasn’t responsible enough to save myself from falling…and you know what?? not a failure..’cause those who fail are the ones who stop gonna get right back on my feet…build myself up….and ignite that little spark that’s still left in me..and nope, im not gonna hold a grudge anymore..i wrote it out, on a PUBLIC forum..and im done..:) heart is so frigging huge that i actually forgive you, you-know-who…:)..oh, but im not saintly enough to say that i’ll fall again..nope..this time it ain’t working, sweetheart..:)..’cause this chick learns from her mistakes…:)…

    *sigh* really sorry..i had to write it out…sorry, MEGAbestie..:(..

    1. oh, that’s okay BFF. You should let it out. I’m glad you let out. You can continue ranting if you want. 🙂
      And it’s not your fault and you’re not stupid. HE was stupid. You’re just a little bit sensitive. That doesn’t mean he had any right to do that to you. You are amazing and we all care about you 🙂 Anyway, now you can show him that you don’t need him.
      *virtual hug*

      I feel really awkward because you wrote like, a huuuuuuuggggggeeeeeeeeee comment and mine is so little but it comes from the heart so that’s okay right? 🙂

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