Sexist jokes are not funny.

I hate sexist people. I hate stupid sexist jokes and stereotypes. It just makes me so very angry and I usually lash out at whoever makes such comments. Recently at school someone made a (sort of) sexist comment and I got angry and (naturally) reacted. In response, the person said “Wow. You really get angry when people say stuff like that huh? You’re a real feminist.”

That got me thinking. What is feminism? I’m not really sure. Wikipedia tells me that ‘Feminists are people who believe in (with some campaigning for) the equality of women with men.’ If the fact that I want women to be treated with dignity and respect and not inferior to men makes me a feminist, then yes. I am a feminist.

Actually, I like to think of myself more as an equalist. I believe in equal rights for EVERYBODY, whether male or female, gay or straight, Asian or American, whatever. You get what I mean. Equality is awesome.  I just particularly hate sexist jokes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a male hater. I don’t like to sit around and hate on men. (okay, maybe sometimes its fun. What?) But if someone says something rude or disrespectful to any particular gender or race or something, I’m going to get angry. And when people make jokes like that, it annoys me. Like, wow, that was so funny, I forgot to laugh. Come on! Stop being an idiot. I also think stereotyping is stupid. Seriously, don’t we all have better things to do than sit around and judge people? Instead of judging, you could…watch Modern Family! Read a book! Hug your parents! Hug your cat! Be awesome! There are so many things to do. So I suggest you get out there and start doing those things and make the world a happier place. *cute face* Pleeeaassee???


4 thoughts on “Sexist jokes are not funny.

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..:)..this one ended so cutely..:)…i really wanna virtual hug you right now…:)…*virtual hugs you*…’cause, umm, im a very awkward-real-life-hugger…:P…XD..and yup…sexist jokes make me angry..and seriously, anything targeting any particular group makes me angry…it’s not like you (the ones you who make these jokes, not you, my sweetie..;] ) are all perfect and blemish less…*sigh*…time to grow up, kiddo…*BURNNNN!!*..

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