Youtuber obsessions- iisuperwomanii

I love youtube. I love watching videos on youtube. I’m subscribed to quite a few youtubers. One can say I’m slightly addicted to youtube. It’s one of the major reasons why I don’t get anything done. But anyway, I love it. I thought today I would talk about one of my favourite youtubers and that is Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman.

Superwoman’s videos are absolutely hilarious and inspiring and just generally awesome. Whenever I watch her videos, I just sit there going “oh my god, I can TOTALLY relate to this.” That’s one of the best things about her. She’s funny and weird and relatable and just so REAL. When I’m having a bad day or am feeling bored or depressed, Superwoman always manages to cheer me up. Superwoman is so optimistic and positive about things that you can’t help but feel the same way too. If you haven’t watched her videos yet, well, what are you waiting for?? Get to it!

Just to get you started.

Recently, Superwoman hit a million subscribers. When I heard, I was immensely happy, because if anyone deserves it, she does. She puts so much effort into her videos and loves her fans and is truly inspiring. In fact, she has made a lazy bum like me want to work hard and be awesome. I’m going to make a vision board for myself too.

Superwoman’s videos have taught me a lot of things. (warning- might get a little bit cheesy) They’ve taught me that I’m perfect just the way I am, with all my weirdness and awkwardness. They’ve taught me that you need to work to achieve your dreams  and that hard work always pays. They’ve told that we all have bad days but the important thing is to smile through it and know that you’re not alone. Superwoman’s videos have also taught me to be a happy unicorn because unicorns are awesome!!!!

So Lilly, if you’re reading this, I just want to say that I love you and thank you for….well, everything! And congratulations on a million!!

Lots of love


#teamsuper #shmurr

p.s- I really really want to meet you. But I live in Dubai. So if you would come to Dubai someday, it would be really awesome. My friends and I would die of happiness. Well, not actually die but you know what I mean.

Oh, and readers, don’t forget to leave me a comment! Kaybye.


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