I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this but I am a VERY emotional person. I just have a lot of feels. Sometimes I get overwhelmed.  I cried when I changed schools and had to leave my friends. I cry whenever I have to leave my grandparents after the holidays.  I cried when my best friend and I started to move apart. I cry whenever my favorite character in a book dies. (Fred Weasly ahhh why). You get the idea. So its only natural that I cried today at the airport when we went to drop off my aunt who is going to Malaysia.  I’ll only get to see her next year. So, of course I blubbed and made every one sad too.  I can’t help it. I’m like that. It just shows that I care.
Also I feel like everything is changing. Too fast. I don’t like this.
I guess thats it. I feel sad now.



One thought on “Feels.

  1. An emotional mind is better than a cold one unmoved by anyone or anything. So move forward smile more .Enjoy all small things embrace changes as it comes! All the best):

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