2014 is almost here!

I cannot believe it. I literally cannot believe that 2013 is almost over. Where did it go? It seems like it flew away.

When I look back at this time last year and now I’m amazed at how much has changed. So many things have happened some good and some…not so good. But I believe everything happens for a reason. Even though it’s not always clear at first.

I thought I’d maybe make a list of all the things, good and bad that have happened to me this year.


New School

I had shifted schools this year and at first I was totally convinced that it would be horrible, I would hate everyone and everything and not have any friends. But it turned out to be the complete opposite and I absolutely love it now.

Grade 10 results

In grade 10 we had our board exams (which is a really big deal, if you didn’t know) and our results came out this April and I got a cgpa of 9.8 which made my parents and me very happy. It’s nice when all your hard work pays off.

My new friends

I made a lot of new friends this year and I’m so happy about that because they’re all amazing! You know sometimes, when you meet someone and you talk to them and you know that they’re on your wavelength and you’re like ‘I want to be friends with you forever’? That’s how I feel about all my friends.

I turned 16!


The bad.

Youtubers in Dubai

Some of my favorite youtubers like zoella, alfie, marcus and some more had come to Dubai. My friend and I really wanted to meet them but we couldn’t during the week because we had school. But we were planning to try and meet them at atlantis on friday but they left on friday morning. We were really sad. 😦

My old school

I really, really miss a lot of my old friends and I had planned to meet them during the holidays but I can’t since my mum’s gone to India and there’s no one to drive me.

Growing apart

I hate it when you grow apart from your best friend. I had wrote a post about it long back and had hoped it would never happen again….but it has. It really depresses me because I was so close to this person and we thought we would be best friends forever but we’re not. That makes me sad.

Eleventh grade

Eleventh grade has been so so stressful. For one thing, it’s a big leap from, like, tenth grade. All the subjects are so hard and there’s so much to study. Even if you study a lot, you’ll end up getting a C or a D. There’s so much to do ugh.

There’s been good and there’s been bad but overall, I think that this was a pretty good year. I hope 2014 will be better though!

I guess that’s a roundup of my year. Tell me about all the good and bad things from your year!

Oh, and I also hope everyone had a great Christmas 🙂


2 thoughts on “2014 is almost here!

  1. Hey?
    I just, well, I just realized it’s been a while since I dropped in and…Nice post! 😀 I liked every bit except the bad no.3
    *sigh* I miss you 😦

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