For the love of cats

I love cats. Cats are much better than people  amazing. They’re smart, regal, elegant but also a big ball of fluffiness and cuteness. The fatter they are, the cuter they become. Also they are so photogenic. I think all cats are cute and amazing (especially my cat). Sometimes I would love to be a cat (a domestic cat probably). I’m saying this here because I know no one will judge me (or even if you do, I won’t hear you so it’s fine). I’ve told my friends this a few times but they all just look at me like I’m crazy and then change the subject. Ugh, peasants.

I’ve been called a cat lady a few times and I’m fine with that. Being a crazy cat lady isn’t a bad thing. I just love cats a lot. That doesn’t mean that 10 years later I’m going to be alone in a house with 23 cats for company.

cats, mostly
One of my friends sent me this picture because she said it reminded her of me. Don’t know how I feel about that.

So yeah, maybe I’ve had conversations with cats on the streets. It usually goes somewhat like this:

Me: Hello cat, how are you this fine morning?

cat: …….

me: So cat, what did you do today? Caught a bird? Met your friends?

cat: *licks paw*

me: I love you

cat: *stares*

me: Ok , Farewell cat. I have to go now. We will meet again hopefully.

cat: meow


Like I said, cats are very smart and they do understand us. Whether or not they listen to us is another story. Most of the time, my cat comes when I whistle but sometimes he likes to ignore me.

I’m not the only animal lover in the family. My whole family loves all sorts of animals. My parents keep watching ‘funny cat/dog videos’ on youtube and my auntie keeps sending me all these articles on cat behavior analysis. My cousin takes pictures of every cat she sees and sends it to our family group on whatsapp. So yeah, we’re an animal loving bunch and I’m  proud of it. To open up your heart to an animal is to open up your heart to a lifetime of love and happiness. I still remember this article I wrote for a creative writing competition in seventh grade about how my pet changed my life (I won second price for that article. Not that it matters but still. Just wanted to put that out there).

So here’s to more evenings of running around the parking lots, chasing strays and trying to feed them; more conversations with random kitties on the road and unconditional love and acceptance. (because your cat won’t judge you if you cried because Zayn Malik left one direction)

Note: This is a very random, rambly post. Next time I promise to have a very informative, educational, thought provoking, well organized, fabulous post. But for now, this will have to do.

Thanks for reading!



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