2017 – The Year of Chill

I have abandoned this blog for too long. The last time I posted was in 2015 (Oh My God. Why am I like this). Things have changed since then. My last post was before I started college. Almost 2 years since then. And oh, how things have changed. I am studying design, if you’re interested. And no, it is not easy. It is the opposite. 

In 2017 I want to vocalize my feelings more. Maybe this is a way of doing that. Writing down how I feel makes it more clear to myself about how I feel. I have a lot of emotions right now. I am going back to college on monday. Lots of mixed  feelings about that. Its just going to get even harder (And I am getting lazier).  

2016 was a weird year for me. It was good in the beginning but around September… thats when it went downhill. I have a lot of confusion and fear and uncertainty about a lot of things. I’m also a bit of a control freak so not knowing what the future holds is scary. I had a plan. I had a goal when I started college. But now I honestly don’t know what I’m doing with my life. People might say that’s ok and this is the time that you’ll figure it out. But I’m afraid of disappointing myself and other people. And that is why I think my new years resolution is this : CHILL 

A lot can be achieved by just chilling. I will be more happy, for instance. I will be able to actually enjoy every moment. I hope I will have less hairfall (Lol my poor hair). I hope I can make more friends and not worry too much about what they think of me. I want to read more and think more. I just want to be more happy in 2017. And that’s why I need to chill. This doesn’t mean that I don’t push myself. I will just try to do my best instead of trying to be the best. 

Writing all this down is really therapeutic. I want to try and do this more often. This is long rambly post without any real point but if you made it this far, then thank you! I hope you have a wonderful 2017 with lots of chill.