Fun facts (about me, that is)

Here are some facts about me! I’ll keep adding stuff.

Anyway, here goes:

  1. I love animals. Especially fat cats.
  2. My favorite colors are purple and black.
  3. I want to write and publish a novel someday.
  4. I’m a girl.
  5.  My favorite TV show (for now) is The Vampire Diaries. I also recently started watching Modern Family.
  6. I have one older sister.
  7. I love my family.
  8. I have a cat called Garfield. He is fat and very cute.
  9. I hate mushrooms.
  10. I love chocolate. I want to eat chocolate right now.
  11. I wish I could draw.
  12. I’m kinda shy.
  13. I love Tegan and Sara.
  14. I can watch hours of Tegan and Sara videos on YouTube.
  15. I have a crush on Ian Somerhalder.
  16. I have a  girl crush on Claire Holt.
  17. I want to travel the world.
  18. I think Lisbeth Salander is really cool.
  19. I don’t know what else to write. I feel stupid and boring.
  20. I love The Hunger Games.
  21. Sometimes I feel like I would rather participate in The Hunger Games than go to school.
  22. I’m very lazy.
  23. I hate math.
  24. I love playing The Sims.
  25. I love the smell of rain.
  26. I hate bullies.
  27. I hate bossy people.
  28. ‘Mean girls’ is an awesome movie.
  29. I don’t like people who take me for granted.
  30. I love British accents.

30 thoughts on “Fun facts (about me, that is)

    1. OMG!!…MIKE!!…awwwww..mike, you came????….awwwwwww…you actually came???..i had no idea…awwwww…*hug*…lol..hug*infinite..:D..

  1. wow is d word friend…reading Christina’s page on Allpoetry, I was tempted to drop by on your page for the way she adored you!
    hav to admit now that she was hell right about her tastes and a perfect judge of art…gosh U write so well and I have to confess, ‘I’m not a little scared to pick up a pen again’
    great job! keep writing friend.

  2. Hey stopped by to say hi 🙂
    I am christina’s friend .. your blog is awesome friend 🙂 keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Voldemort stole my shampoo 😦
    And this damn velociraptor is throwing bananas at me while I’m studying 😦
    And Hitler stole my nutella 😦
    Me needs a hug 😦

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