About my blog.

Hello there!

So you want to know more about this blog? That’s great! I’m flattered.

I love to write. But I’m lazy. And I procrastinate. Then I decided to start a blog. For a few weeks, I kept saying that I would start a  blog  but well, I’m a lazy bum. And so, I kept talking about my blog until finally, some people told me to stop talking and start posting. And that is great advice. I think that should be my motto or something. And so here I am, finally. *cheering*

This blog is going to be a place where I rant, rave, think, review, talk, ramble and do lots of other interesting things! Also I’m really funny. (Really I am. Please don’t go)

I live in Dubai with my parents, my sister and my cat. I get really intensely obsessed with fictional characters, tv shows and bands. It gets really exhausting.

I hope you like reading my blog. Feel free to leave me comments.

Hope you have a great day!

Love, Rachana



14 thoughts on “About my blog.

  1. I am a new blogger who has just started writing in the past week. I liked you posts and hope that you like mine too. Please have a look. haywirethoughtsblog.wordpress.com

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