Yet another semester has passed. And here I am, home again for the summer. I hope this will be a productive one. No promises, because I probably will end up not doing anything. I do plan to read though. And write a lot of really bad poetry. And learn how to cook, since I have finally moved into an apartment. And learn to swim (have an irrational fear of water which I need to overcome). Meet my high school friends if I can. Blog more (about what, I don’t know yet). Wanted to learn how to play an instrument (I admire people with musical talent). Take more pictures. Wow, I just realized that this post turned into a kind of list. Maybe it’s a good thing. This way I can remind myself of things to do when I get bored. 

What about you? 


2017 – The Year of Chill

I have abandoned this blog for too long. The last time I posted was in 2015 (Oh My God. Why am I like this). Things have changed since then. My last post was before I started college. Almost 2 years since then. And oh, how things have changed. I am studying design, if you’re interested. And no, it is not easy. It is the opposite. 

In 2017 I want to vocalize my feelings more. Maybe this is a way of doing that. Writing down how I feel makes it more clear to myself about how I feel. I have a lot of emotions right now. I am going back to college on monday. Lots of mixed  feelings about that. Its just going to get even harder (And I am getting lazier).  

2016 was a weird year for me. It was good in the beginning but around September… thats when it went downhill. I have a lot of confusion and fear and uncertainty about a lot of things. I’m also a bit of a control freak so not knowing what the future holds is scary. I had a plan. I had a goal when I started college. But now I honestly don’t know what I’m doing with my life. People might say that’s ok and this is the time that you’ll figure it out. But I’m afraid of disappointing myself and other people. And that is why I think my new years resolution is this : CHILL 

A lot can be achieved by just chilling. I will be more happy, for instance. I will be able to actually enjoy every moment. I hope I will have less hairfall (Lol my poor hair). I hope I can make more friends and not worry too much about what they think of me. I want to read more and think more. I just want to be more happy in 2017. And that’s why I need to chill. This doesn’t mean that I don’t push myself. I will just try to do my best instead of trying to be the best. 

Writing all this down is really therapeutic. I want to try and do this more often. This is long rambly post without any real point but if you made it this far, then thank you! I hope you have a wonderful 2017 with lots of chill.  

I’ve got the summer blues

I’m done with school (forever) and now have a few months before college starts. Plenty of time to kick back and relax right?


I am bored bored bored.

The first few weeks were fun. I did fun things with friends, attended a concert, birthday parties etc etc. But now all my friends just want to laze around at home, I’m almost done with watching sherlock, OITNB new season doesn’t come till June and I don’t know what to do with my life. Maybe I have seasonal defective disorder (yes that exists) but I don’t want to read too much into it because I don’t need to worry about that now.

But the worst part is that I can’t find inspiration to write, to draw, to read or to be creative at all. And that really scares me. Has anyone else felt like this before? PLZ HELP ME I CANT TAKE IT.

Thanks for reading.

(Don’t even feel like using any exclamation marks or smileys because that’s how depressed I am)

For the love of cats

I love cats. Cats are much better than people  amazing. They’re smart, regal, elegant but also a big ball of fluffiness and cuteness. The fatter they are, the cuter they become. Also they are so photogenic. I think all cats are cute and amazing (especially my cat). Sometimes I would love to be a cat (a domestic cat probably). I’m saying this here because I know no one will judge me (or even if you do, I won’t hear you so it’s fine). I’ve told my friends this a few times but they all just look at me like I’m crazy and then change the subject. Ugh, peasants.

I’ve been called a cat lady a few times and I’m fine with that. Being a crazy cat lady isn’t a bad thing. I just love cats a lot. That doesn’t mean that 10 years later I’m going to be alone in a house with 23 cats for company.

cats, mostly
One of my friends sent me this picture because she said it reminded her of me. Don’t know how I feel about that.

So yeah, maybe I’ve had conversations with cats on the streets. It usually goes somewhat like this:

Me: Hello cat, how are you this fine morning?

cat: …….

me: So cat, what did you do today? Caught a bird? Met your friends?

cat: *licks paw*

me: I love you

cat: *stares*

me: Ok , Farewell cat. I have to go now. We will meet again hopefully.

cat: meow


Like I said, cats are very smart and they do understand us. Whether or not they listen to us is another story. Most of the time, my cat comes when I whistle but sometimes he likes to ignore me.

I’m not the only animal lover in the family. My whole family loves all sorts of animals. My parents keep watching ‘funny cat/dog videos’ on youtube and my auntie keeps sending me all these articles on cat behavior analysis. My cousin takes pictures of every cat she sees and sends it to our family group on whatsapp. So yeah, we’re an animal loving bunch and I’m  proud of it. To open up your heart to an animal is to open up your heart to a lifetime of love and happiness. I still remember this article I wrote for a creative writing competition in seventh grade about how my pet changed my life (I won second price for that article. Not that it matters but still. Just wanted to put that out there).

So here’s to more evenings of running around the parking lots, chasing strays and trying to feed them; more conversations with random kitties on the road and unconditional love and acceptance. (because your cat won’t judge you if you cried because Zayn Malik left one direction)

Note: This is a very random, rambly post. Next time I promise to have a very informative, educational, thought provoking, well organized, fabulous post. But for now, this will have to do.

Thanks for reading!


04.04.2015 – My concert experience

On Saturday, 4th of April, I attended the One Direction concert, part of their On The Road Again Tour at the Dubai Sevens Stadium in Dubai.

Note: If you are one of those people who are all ”oh one direction isn’t real music/no one likes them except teenage girls/they’re not even a real band blah de blah, then you can leave right now.  It’s fine. no it’s not.  Everyone has their own opinion. Just please no hate. 

Saturday was literally the best day of my entire life so far. We had been looking forward to this day for almost a year, because it’s the first time that one direction was coming to Dubai. I’ve already told so many people about the concert and everything that happened so I know if my friends are reading this, they’ll probably be groaning because this is the hundredth time I’m talking about that day. It’s okay guys, just one more time.

One more time? Are you kidding?

We all know that I’m going to be talking about this for the next few years months.

I just wanted to put it all in a blog post so that I’ll remember it forever. While coming back from the concert at 1:30 a.m, I was dazed and delirious but I still made a list of all the things that happened so that I won’t forget it. So this is going to be a loooong post.

The list that I made on my way home
The list that I made on my way home

 The concert was supposed to begin at 8 pm and the gates were supposed to open at 4 pm. But people were so excited that they went to the venue at 9 am in the morning and were just sitting outside so that they would be the first in line.

Let me repeat that. 9 am in the morning. That means waiting outside for 7 hours. In the sun. If you’re from Dubai, then you will know that Dubai summers are extreme so this is no joke. There were even ambulances on hand in case there was some emergency.  But people still turned up at 9 am and if that’s not madness  true dedication, then I don’t know what is.

Initially, I had planned to arrive at the stadium at 4 pm because that’s when the gates open but when I went on twitter and saw that people had already arrived and were camping outside, I freaked out. I should take this opportunity to explain the ticket system. There are four categories- Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Diamond is right next to the stage, Gold is a little bit father away but still pretty close to the stage in the front and silver is at the end. Bronze is the last category and has seating arrangements but it is very far from the stage and the main screens. Diamond, Gold and Silver are all standing. My friend and I had silver tickets and I was scared that we would be right at the back and not be able to even see the screens, let alone the stage. So I begged my parents to take me to the stadium earlier and I got there at around half past two, armed with just my ticket, a bottle of water, lip balm and some money. There were so many girls gathered over there, screaming and finally the security let us inside at 3 pm. Then we had to wait in line for another one and a half hours. My friend hadn’t got there yet but luckily I found some people from school and I joined them. Excitement levels were at an all time high. In the mad dash to make it into the stadium, one of my friends had lost her slipper! But luckily, the One Direction fandom is filled with lovely people and a nice lady gave her a plastic cover kind of thing to wrap around her foot as it is too hot to walk with bare feet.

At 4:30, the gates still weren’t open and we started to become impatient. Just as the crowd started to go a little bit cray cray, the security opened the gates and the line started moving forward. We scanned our tickets, got our wristbands and that was it! We were through. My friends and I ran into the stadium grounds to find a good place and we found a perfect spot near the front of our section.

The stage

“That girl over there is eating pizza. Lets get pizza after this.”
Basically we just sat there, chilling until 6 pm. Then suddenly, they started playing advertisements and music videos on the huge screens. At first, everyone freaked out because they thought the boys were here (They weren’t) and stood up. My friend and I also stood up and were immediately squished by the crowd. I learnt a some things about myself that day :

1. I’m much stronger than I look. So many girls were fainting right and left but I felt fine.

2. I’m a little bit claustrophobic.

3. I’m pretty nice most of the time but sometimes I can be quite aggressive.

eg: *At 6:00 pm*

“Excuse me, please can you stop pushing me? Thanks.”

*At 7:30 pm*


It was a very stressful time. I was sweating, other people were sweating on me and I was being squished from all directions. But I persevered, because I knew that ultimately we were all in this together and we all wanted the same thing, that is, to see our boys perform. But it’s just really annoying when people push their way to the front. We were here first! If you wanted to be at the front, you should have come earlier.

Also, I was really surprised to see a lot of moms at the concert. And the funny part was that most of them were at the front, pushing everyone but at the same time, scolding other people for pushing them and complaining about the screaming girls. And the worst part was that they don’t even like One Direction or know any of their songs but still they insisted on pushing everyone and standing in the front. I understand that they don’t want to leave their kids alone at such a huge venue but why did they have to stand in the front and block the views of actual fans who have been waiting their entire life for the concert? Couldn’t they stand at the back or wait at one of the designated spots for their kids?

The boys were supposed to come on stage at 8 pm but by 8:45, there was no sign of them. The crowding was getting restless, and chants of ‘WE WANT 1D’ could be heard around the stadium. Then at 9 pm, the intro video started playing and seconds later, Harry Styles walked on stage, followed by Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. The crowd was losing their minds, screaming and crying and pushing each other to get the best view. They directly launched into their song ‘clouds’and we all screamed along.

Then Liam said that he wanted to read some of the signs that the fans made. There were lots of funny signs. One girl’s sign read ‘We came here for josh'(Josh is their drummer btw) and another one read ‘We thought it was The Wanted’. Another girl had a sign saying ‘Are you and Zaynie okay?’ to which Liam replied saying that “We’re all good, I promise you that”. The last sign was part of the Dubai Fan project and it read ‘Till the End’. Oh the feels.

They continued with their set and then Harry decided to bring Phil, one of their crew members on stage as it was his birthday. Then some things happened.

That escalated quickly.

Don’t worry, Phil was fine. We sang Happy Birthday to him and he was laughing.

The boys performed for about an hour before they had to stop due to a minor difficulty. The crowd in the silver section was pushing each other so much that the barrier separating the section had broken. The boys stopped playing as it was unsafe for the fans ( One girl had already been hurt) and the barrier had to be fixed before the show could continue. They apologized quite a lot and it was ultimately half an hour before the barrier was fixed. Since they couldn’t stop the show for a long time, the management allowed some of the people in silver to move into the gold section as there was a lot of space there. It was a mad dash to make it into the gold section. Girls were running, jumping, crawling under the barriers to get to the other side. Luckily my friend and I both made it into the gold section ( I ran and she crawled) and we were so excited to be closer to the stage. Security kept yelling at everyone to calm down and be chill but as one girl screamed (and I quote) “THERE IS NO CHILL. ITS ONE DIRECTION!” Anyway, we made it into the gold and it was amazing. One Direction came back on stage and started performing again. They apologized again and again and Niall even joked saying that it was all Liams fault since he breaks things. Harry also tried to make light of the situation by saying that they like to keep their audience ‘riveted’. Louis said what everyone was thinking: “This is awkward”.

The show went on and then this amazing thing happened. Louis feed Liam a cheeseburger that a fan threw onstage.

Also Niall is just adorable. You should have seen his face when the audience sang the lyrics to him, he was smiling looked so happy and I felt so happy that he was happy and it was a beautiful moment.

Throughout the show all  the boys took turns to thank the audience for making the show happen and for their support and love. And Liam reassured everyone that One Direction wasn’t ending anytime soon and that they were “having a blast”.[1]

Also another thing that happened during the concert (which I didn’t see myself but I saw videos of it) was Harry throwing a water bottle at a fan. Harry has this habit of throwing water at his fans and he was doing that when he decided to throw the bottle to the fan, expecting her to catch it. Unfortunately she couldn’t and it hit her face instead. Harry was shocked and tried to apologize but the girl didn’t mind as she was so happy to have been hit by Harry Styles water bottle.

Also Harry’s man bun. *sobs* Why does he have better hair than me? It’s not fair.

He drank a lot of water on stage. Maybe that’s his secret. I’m going to start drinking lots of water too.

The high note that literally killed most of us.



The boys were just electric and mesmerizing and had so much energy and enthusiasm and kept dancing around stage (especially Harry. Have you seen him dancing? It is just so adorable I can’t even) and talking to the audience and waving at the fans and being fabulous as always. Even though Zayn wasn’t there, they sang all his parts really well and we screamed along with them.






The show was amazing. We laughed, we screamed, we sang and we cried. They ended the show with ‘The best song ever’ and thanked the fans again, bowed and waved good bye at the fans. It was a night that I won’t forget and I’m just grateful that I could experience it. We were filled with this sort of euphoria even after the show ended and no one could stop talking about it.

You can’t deny that One Direction knows how to entertain their fans and our fandom is the most craziest, loyal, dedicated fandom that you will find. I made so many new friends at the concert and on twitter and it just like being part of a huge family where they just get you. No one is going to judge you if you scream, or cry or go crazy. It’s funny how this band can make me feel so many emotions at the same time. Maybe its because I’ve seen them grow, from the x factor days to playing in huge arenas and having a million people screaming for them. Maybe that’s why it hit me so hard when Zayn left  (I’m not going to talk about that right now because I have too many conflicting thoughts about  that situation). Maybe people will laugh at me (I’m sure they do) but I don’t mind because I love One Direction. I love for their music, their personalities, their humor but most of all I love them because they make me happy. I hope you can understand that.

It was the best night of my entire life.

Thanks for reading.

note: Credits to tumblr , vine and twitter for the videos and some of the pictures. I was so excited I couldn’t really take a lot of pictures and also my phone was running out of battery and towards the end, I had just 5% and couldn’t record anything. (#storyofmylife)  Anyway lots of other people have taken great pictures and videos and you can check them out on tumblr and twitter under the hashtag otra or 1DDubai.



Moving on

Hello lovely readers!

I’m done with school. Its over.

14  years. Done, just like that.

It feels very weird to be saying that. I’ve wanted to be done with school for a long time. And now that its over, I feel….weird? I’m going to miss some things.Like my friends, some of my teachers, the bus rides, the jokes, complaining about not having free time. I won’t miss the stress, lack of sleep, lack of free time.

But anyway, now we have a few months before everyone  goes their own way.SO LETS HAVE FUN YOU GUYS.

Now I’m gonna go and sit on tumblr for 6 hours and annoy my friends.

Thanks for reading!

I’m Back!! (This time its real)

Hello lovely readers!

Where do I even begin?

I haven’t posted for 1 year and a few months. I’m really sorry about that but it was a really busy and stressful time, being the last year of high school. But now its done (Thank God) and I’m back! I promise I’m going to be a good blogger and post more often.

Hope you have  great day!